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Make your business smart with comprehensive and custom web development solutions. eTrade Services ensures for all it.

Let’s understand first, what web development is and how it is different from the web design or website designing. Many people think that web design and web development are the same thing but in real both are two unique and different process of building a website for business. There are many differences.

Web Design

Web design or website designing is a process of creating the beautiful interface of the site with proper navigation elements. It is all about look, feel and branding of the site. It also includes creations of logo, banner, graphics, infographics and other visual elements to enhance the look and feel of the site. You can also say it customer facing part of the site. Expert web designers can create you captivating and beautiful website for your business with right structures so that customers can navigate from one part of the site to others.

Web Development

While the web design is the customer facing part of the website, web development is back-end operation that makes the site functional. It is the process of data processing and programming. It is all about programming and interactions on the pages. The role of web developers is also different from web designers. Expert developers or programmers keep their focus on how a website functions and how customers get things done on it. They know well how to implement CGI (Common Gateway Interface - an interface between web server and programs) and how to make best use of scripts like PHP. They know how web forms work properly and can a website running effectively. Apart from difference between with the both terms, there are many professionals who have expertise in both – web design and development.

Web development services by eTrade Services

Let us introduce ourselves and how we can help you when it comes to run a successful website for successful business. We are one of leading organizations in the field of web design and developments, also expanding our legs in digital and internet marketing solutions. We at eTrade services have an integrated team which ensure for comprehensive web solution; from designing, to development, to promotion. We are involved in the development of web applications for long times. Our web professionals specialize in the complete spectrum of web application development from planning through innovation.

If you are looking for truly effective business web application development services then we ensure that we will make your online business to a new height in a great and smart way. Web applications developed by us are scalable and extensible for various industries. Our professionals can develop right applications; and plan with right strategies for increasing the productivity & sales revenue by giving complete customers’ satisfaction.

Our web application development solutions are scalable & extensible and easily integrated with Flash, Java and other applications. The goal of our company is to offer web development solutions for various firms at very reasonable cost. We have some of finest tenants in web programming and application. They are expert in JSP, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Flash and more.

Six stages of web development

We use six continuous steps for web development that can improve your business in very smart way. In our team we have expert web developers who are expert in the six stages of the web development process. They can provide expert service in design, layout and programming.

  1. Planning – We make a strong strategy to gather information about targeted customers, purpose and objectives to use.
  2. Analysis – We evaluate gathered information reliability and check the technical composition of the web.
  3. Design – We evaluate each individual page and create a map of the relationship among pages of web.
  4. Implementation – We implement our strategy by creating HTML file and using associated software and web applications.
  5. Promotion – We make publicity for your web presence among web customers, potentials customers and current users.
  6. Innovation – We make continuous effort for improvement in the web to meet needs of your web customers.

Our motto

Powered with some best creative minds and latest technology, our motto at Brand is - "Time is Money". We not only take pride in our website design and development skills but also in completion of your job within the stipulated time .We provide you amazing services at very affordable prices. We make sure that our applications work with any type of web hosting server.

Our Work and Clients

We have been involved in the development of the web applications for long times. We have developed several applications. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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