Hotel Management Software (HMS)

We provide integrated hotel management software solution that caters to the needs of the most functions of a hotel including online booking, billing, report & analysis, room status, laundry, kitchen, etc.

The HMS (hotel management software) is a integrated hotel management software solution with facilities and features of online hotel room reservation, kitchen & laundry billing system, report analysis, room status, customers’ check-ins and check-outs status, employee information system, user registration, database back, bar code reading, payment systems, etc. It works on both LAN and WAN.

Front Desktop Management

  1. Online Booking System on LAN or WAN
    • Fast online booking form for unique room number
    • Booking with multiples room
    • Advance booking system (single and multiple booking)
    • Tentative booking system (single and multiple booking)
    • Uploading of the scanned images for verified customers
    • Rebooking for the same customer once previously booked
  2. Report Analysis
    • Datewise and monthly report
    • Datewise and monthly report of customer incoming and outgoing
    • Report of current outgoing and incoming customers
    • Fast search engine to report to the administrator
    • Facility to print the report
    • Facility to upload excel sheet
  3. Employee Information System (EIS)
    • Attendance register
    • Yearly, monthly & datewise attendance report
    • Employee report
  4. User Registration
    • Relation with EIS
  5. Show Current Room Status
  6. Kitchen Billing System
    • Kitchen order
    • Items and stacks
    • Cancel kitchen order list
    • Report for kitchen (monthly, yearly & current)
    • Report to user as well as administrator
    • Billing to the customer with room bill
  7. Laundry Billing System
    • Add and remove the stock items
    • Billing for the laundry vendors
  8. Search Engine Facility
    • Helps the administrator as well as user to search any type of report quickly
  9. Backup of Database
    • Automatic backup available in the specific product

Significance of HMS application

  • LAN and WAN based application product
  • Online booking on the LAN, compatible with WAN too
  • Accounts and reports are easy to understand
  • Datewise, monthly, yearly, city-wise and branch-wise report
  • Easy upload of verification IDs to identify the perfect person who booked hotel/room
  • Fast access to the data with advance search facilities
  • All the features are controlled by the administrator
  • You can generate daily sales report, monthly sales report and yearly sales report of any branch which is using this software
  • This is web based application so you data will be secure and it will be not affected by any virus of your computer as per testing. Also this software is using jsp, servlet , Mysql and server in Linux, so data security is very high and the auto-backup facility makes the system more secure.
  • You can use this software at the same time in different branches of hotels with LAN or WAN Technology.
  • Future reference which will be protected by login id and password
  • Stock Details/Asset Details—Using this software you can access the stock and assets. [Laundry and Kitchen Stocks]
  • Future: This software is extendable for Pay pal or any Payment Gateway with website for online booking.
  • User friendly Manual will be provided by the e Trade Services.

Our client: Hotel Chanchal Deluxe

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