Online Reputation Management

(ORM) Services by eTrade Services

“Building reputation is not a cup of coffee. It requires efforts and time. And it must be retained. You online reputation is vital. Monitor it, repair it, protect it and restore it.”

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services by eTrade Services

Online reputation or brand reputation or brand image is vital for any business. It is not a one night game. It is built over the time with lots of constant efforts but can be lost very quickly even in a single day. Any one can damage your hard earned online reputation within few minutes by one negative feedback, false information, posting on porn/hate sites, fake profiles or online negative reviews about your products / services or brand / company. So it is imperative to build reputation online, repair it, monitor it, protect it and restore it. In general, brand reputation must be retained with positive activities and regular monitoring.

Let’s talk about online reputation management (ORM) now. ORM is vital for any business. It is all about earning posting credentials to your business; and it must be retained with positive and ethical activities only. It is the process of controlling what shows up when someone searches about your name, products, services, brand or company in search engines. It is a practice of promoting right content whether it is text, image or video that works in favor of earning credentials to your business. It also pushes unwanted content like negative feedbacks and false information made by disgruntled people. Dealing with offending contents in a productive way can help you build online reputation and retain it.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

There are several benefits of online reputation management or brand management. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Creates your own identity or brand on the web
  • Maintains a positive image about your brand
  • Enhances your online identity or presence
  • Improves customers’ satisfaction
  • Reduces marketing costs
  • Helps customers get always positive comments
  • Helps wiping out negative comments
  • Builds positive image and goodwill on the web
  • Generates quality and much improved traffics

We firmly believe that maintaining the brand reputation is our first priority. Our effective and well-executed ORM services can significantly benefit your brand and your business. We help your business and online identity deal with negative feedbacks, false information and any type of offending contents. We do not only help you earn goodwill and image on the web but also help you protect your hard earned reputation. We monitor it, repair it, restore it and retain it.

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