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“Have better business management in your organization through effective ERP modules. Streamline your business procedures and monitor all the happening and activities in and around your enterprises.”

There are different ERP modules available in the market that can benefit you business making it automated, streamlined and well-organized. We specialize in developing custom ERP modules or solution after understanding the nature of your business. Our modules are scalable and can be customized to your business needs. Currently eTrade Services is offering following ERP modules for small, medium and large businesses.

Sales & Marketing Module

Sales play the vital and indispensable role for the existence of any organization. Every business wants to increase its sales effectively. If you have specialized software for this function then you can certainly watch the activities of sales of your enterprise effectively. Sales & marketing module in ERP system will help you manage leads, prospects and customers’ quotes effectively.

It streamlines and automates the entire sales & management cycle of a company, including sales leads, quotations, sales order, invoice creation, payment acceptance, action plans, marketing, etc. It ensure for better relationship management, data management, marketing campaign management, support system, quotation management, communication management, and opportunity management. In short, it will effectively help you track all sales and marketing activities.

This module can be easily integrated with inventory, production planning and finance modules.

Purchase Management Module

Purchase management or purchasing module is one of the most important ERP modules for manufacturing businesses. This module makes purchasing, billing processes, invoice generation, vendor management, identifying potential suppliers, supplier evaluation, supplier quote evaluation, receiving inventory fast and easy. It streamlines purchase and process cycles. Using this module you can generate new vendor invoices swiftly by copying an existing invoice. You can also create a new invoice from a purchase order. You can improve purchase order workflows, and edit existing purchase order.

Our purchase module can be integrated with inventory control and production planning modules.

Inventory Management Module

Inventory management or inventory control management or ERP for inventory and stores provides a dynamic, compelling and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your inventory information. It helps in better stock management in a store or warehouse, especially for business selling online. You can easily track the quantity of products sold online through this truly effective inventory and stock management module. It also helps in tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. You can also generate inventory status report.

This module can be easily integrated with sales, purchase, finance, maintenance, production planning, and production modules of ERP system.

Finance / Accounts Management Module

Financial accounting is one of the most common functional areas of ERP system. Finance and accounts management module streamlines the financial and accounting operation of a company. It helps in better accounting workflows and cash management. By using financial management and accounting software you can quickly create valuable financial reports such as general ledgers, balance sheets, account statements, quarterly financial reports, half-yearly financial reports, yearly financial reports, trial balance, profit & loss statement, gross profit analysis, branch-wise profit analysis, profitability report, cost management, cash management, asset management, tax management, and many other transactional reports.

This module can be easily integrated with sales, purchase, inventory control & stock management, and maintenance modules of ERP system.

HR & Payroll Management Module

Employees are the main assets of an organization. ERP module specifically designed for HR (human resource) and Payroll or HR & Payroll Management Module streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals as well. Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance are four main components of HR module in ERP System. A well-designed and developed HR module maintains a complete database of employees including their contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotions. HR & Payroll Management module of eTrade Services facilitates all the HRD, Personal, and Payroll related activities of an organization. It also helps to generate the income tax plan for all employees taking into account the investment and other details.

This module can be easily integrated with other ERP modules like sales, finance, and inventory.

Production Planning & Control Module

Production planning and control module helps in efficient, effective and economical operation in a manufacturing unit of an organization. It streamlines planning of production and manufacturing process in a company or enterprise. It also helps in better management of productions which is called production control management. This module can be divided into two separate modules namely:

  1. Production planning, and
  2. Production control

Production planning module helps an organization in planning production with the best possible utilization of all available resources. It is a plan for future production. It streamlines the processes of scheduling, dispatch, inspection, quality control, inventory control, supply procurement (management), and equipment management.

This module can be easily integrated with sales, inventory, purchase and production modules of ERP system.

Production control module is little different from production planning module of ERP system. It helps in better procurement of actual production against the planned production. It helps in cost savings and ensures that production team can achieve required production target within defined time-frame. It streamlines the processes of optimum utilization of resources and quality management. It ensure for all produced items go through quality control before being passed to main stores. Inventory is also maintained properly.

This module can be easily integrated with sales, inventory, and production planning modules of ERP system.

It is imperative to integrate the production planning and control system in an organization for better management for future products planning and actual produced products.

Maintenance Management Module

Companies are increasingly using technologies and modern equipments in order to increase their production and sales. The maintenance of production lines, machinery, equipment and devices especially in a manufacturing plant is vital. So it is imperative to integrate a maintenance management system in an organization in order to manage or maintain technologies, equipments, machinery and devices. This is where maintenance management module of ERP system helps you significantly letting you know about emergent and regular maintenance of equipments. It also provides report for future maintenance and its timing as well.

Maintenance management module of ERP system by eTrade Services ensures consistently high levels of equipments reliability, regulatory fulfillment, and cost control. It also helps to extend the life of significant capital assets. It records the periodic as well as unscheduled maintenance details of machinery. It generates maintenance bill and updates in fiancé. It provides reports, which help in analyzing the data pertaining to maintenance activities of the machinery. It can also keep tracking of warranty activities, claims, equipment utilization and breakdown maintenance

This module can be easily integrated with inventory and finance module of ERP system.

Administration Module

Administration or Admin Module in ERP is very important in an organization as it automates and streamlines overall all the administration workflows and activities in an organization. It monitors all system administration tasks. It is totally about administration rights as it defines and assigns role to user’s ensuring who has to do what in the ERP system. It also helps in tracking and controlling the work done by individual users. It also imprints user name and password in all transactions posted by a certain user.

We at eTrade Services provide custom administration module in ERP system which can be customize as per your and your business needs.

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