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“Thinking about using Facebook ads to promote your products or services? eTrade Services can provide you better way to manage your Facebook ad campaign.”

Paid advertising, as the name suggests, requires some investment. There are several online channels which you can use for paid advertising. One of the best channels on the web for paid advertising is certainly the Facebook (FB). If you want to kick out the risky investment of a lot of time and money in paid advertising then the social media giant “Facebook” can be the logical and right place to experiment. It provides better and easier approach for even the smallest companies to quickly establish a targeted ad campaign. FB ad will help you display your business advertisement or promotional content to FB users while they browse the site. Advertisers can create ads to direct new fans to a FB fan page and engage existing fans.

As compared to popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, Facebook ad campaign is easier to monitor. FB ad campaign is also less expensive than PPC and conventional media ads buys. Since there are lots of benefits of advertising on this popular social media / networking site, however many of advertisers / marketers commit mistakes which result in lost of time and money as well. So it is imperative that campaign mangers must have a certain level of understanding and expertise so that they can get more of the advertisements of FB.

Done correctly, FB Ad Campaign can direct more and more fans to your page and traffics to your websites. It can also help you create new customers and generate some instant leads maximizing profits.

Why You Should Use Facebook Adverting?

There are lots of benefits of using Facebook for advertisement of your product or services. Let’s have a look at some facts and benefits which can help you understand why you should use FB to promote your business.

  • Facebook is one of the most popular social networking service websites.
  • It has 1.44 billions monthly active users as of March 31, 2015
  • It is the second most visited websites in the world
  • It helps advertisers to target a specific group of people
  • It helps to increase customer loyalty through FB fan page
  • It helps to win the trust of customers effectively
  • FB ad is more flexible that Google AdWords or PPC advertising
  • It is easier to monitor than PPC campaign
  • It is less expensive than PPC campaign or traditional media ads buys
  • It has ability to reach smartphone users effectively and easily
  • FB users offer heightened audience engagement
  • It allows marketers to choose between CPC and CPM pay structures
  • It facilitates multiple ads views
  • Facebook users offer heightened audience engagement.
  • It helps not only in sales but also in brand awareness & online reputation

Facebook Ad Campaign Management by eTrade Services

If you are looking for specialist FB ad campaign managers to promote your products or services more effectively using social media giant Facebook then your search ends here. We at eTrade Services can assist you significantly and give you just right solution as per your needs. Let’s Talk to Our Expert.

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