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“Simplify online transactions on your website through simple, affordable and right payment gateway solutions from eTrade Services.”

First of all you need to understand that what payment gateway is. In simple words, it is an online version of point of sale (POS) located in the most retail outlets or physical stores. In an online business or online store; it is imperative to have merchant account with the ability to accept online payments through a payment gateway.

The role of payment gateway integration in an online business is imperative. It simplifies the process of online transactions. It allows merchants to charge for their products and services which they sell online; and collect payments electronically directly from their website. It allows customers to pay online using their credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks. It offers convenience of making online transactions safely both to the customers and merchants.

Using payment gateway you can collect or make payments securely anytime, anywhere. Making payments using credit or debit cads through a payment gateway integrated at a website is safe and secure; as it protects card details by encrypting sensitive information such as card numbers, CVV code and PIN. It passes information securely between the customer and the merchant; and also between merchant and the payment processor or bank. It facilitates the safe transfer of information between the payment portal such as website, smartphone, etc and the payment processor.

You must choose a payment gateway with added layer of security to prevent fraudulent online transactions by crackers. Payment gateways with added layer of securely usually ask the customer to provide CVV (card verification value) code and PIN (personal identification number) which all are in encrypted format. Payment value or amount is only transferred after the confirmation by the customer.

It is but obvious that integrating a payment gateway in your website will benefit you a lot. But choosing the right gateway is also important; as it will help save you money and keep your business running smoothly.

Features and Benefits of Our Payment Gateway Integration Services

  • Cost-effective solution for online transactions
  • Easy and simple way for payment collection
  • Easy installation and user-friendly management control panel
  • Multiple transaction facility and shopping cart integration
  • Quick and real time online transactions
  • Custom payment solutions
  • Instant information processing
  • Facility to download information text or excel format
  • Online payment receipt
  • No geographical barrier
  • Sell products or services globally
  • Added layer of security
  • Ensures security of transactions
  • Encryption of sensitive information
  • Effective fraud prevention
  • Alternative payment solutions
  • Currency conversion facility
  • Technical support and customer care services

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