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Technical writing, also known as information development, is all about creating user-friendly and compelling content or documentation for online help, software products, user guides, installation guides, product manuals, training materials, policy & procedure manuals, instruction manuals, etc. It is different from simple content writing job for websites and print media; as it also requires technical knowledge and deep understanding of the product, services, technology or business. In fact, technical writing job is a unique talent. A good technical writer understands how to make your online content and documentation efforts more efficient and compelling to end users in meaningful and simple words.

The writing and drafting for technical or occupational fields is termed as technical writing. In this technology centered world expression is a must, and for technical writing technical knowledge is required. Technical writing is a diversified field that is not limited to one product or services. Technical writing covers each and every thing related to technical products such as computer hardware and software, biochemistry, mobiles and gadgets, electronic items, engineering, robotics, biotechnology and may others.

Technical writing is different from other writing techniques such as content writing. One cannot write technical things without the deep knowledge of the subject. There is a much significance of technical writing in the present time. A technical writing lets the audience informed about a product or a service in the simplest way. Technical writing involves communicating complex information to those who need it to accomplish some task or goal in a simplified manner. Technical writing is also different from other writing forms as it is centered in a particular audience and hence written for them only. To accomplish the technical knowledge in the simpler form to the targeted reader good technique in writing should be used.

Technical writing is not limited to writing only. One needs to go through full technical knowledge of the product or services in order to educate the audience. Broadly the phases of technical writing can be divided into two forms one is research on the topic and second is writing. The basic steps for good and useful technical writing are

  • Knowing and determining the needs of the audiences.
  • Classification and organization of technical aspects of the product and services.
  • Copying down the true and best information as per the desire of the targeted audience group.
  • Simplifying the words so that it could be easily readable and accessible by the audience of the product or the services.
  • Making uses of the page elements such as list, tables and headings appropriately.
  • Proofreading of the written document and make changes if necessary.

Following a defined pattern in technical writing can only make the mission successful of educating the audience with the technical aspect of a product or services.

Technical Writing Services by eTrade Services

We at eTrade Services are backed by a dedicated team of talented technical writers who can deliver you high quality technical content development and documentation solution. Our talented writers have deep understanding and expertise of technical information and describe it meaningful words and easy to understand manner. We have produced effective and compelling technical content and documentation for leading software, IT and technologies companies.

Whether you need online help documentation for your software products or need compelling user manuals, installation guides, product manuals, training materials, etc written for your customers; we can help you significantly.

We have expertise in developing different types of technical content. Our technical content development and documentation services can be used for creating the following jobs.

User guides or manuals Installation guides or manuals
Product manuals and descriptions Training materials and guides
Online help documentation Software product documentation
Policy and procedure manuals Maintenance manuals
Quick reference guides Professional instructions
Help, FAQ and Tutorials Software help files
Hardware documentations Help and support manuals
E-learning materials Glossaries and Indices / indexes
Release notes Desktop publishing

We can create technical content and documentation in your desired formants including msword (doc or docx), XML, online html documentation, PDF, print, etc.

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